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Life Begins At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

This philosophy is true whether you’re beginning a new exercise regiment, trying to learn a musical instrument, or eating more nutritiously. So why should your finances be any different? Reaching your financial goals will be uncomfortable, it will take sacrifice, but make no mistake, it’ll be worth it!

We all want to be one magic consolidation loan away from financial freedom. But it’s never that easy. Cleaning the money clutter out of your life is like trying to lose weight. You’ll spend weeks busting your butt and not seeing any meaningful results. But great things are happening beneath the surface and your patience will pay off.

Detoxing your finances doesn’t mean years of nothing but macaroni and cheese and bland office coffee. Crash diets fail for the same reason that unrealistically skimpy budgets do; they put you into starvation mode. Eventually you burn out and pig out and you’re staring down a credit card bill from an epic night out because you couldn’t stand living like a hermit anymore.

This is why an a la carte approach to your finances is so important. It’s about setting SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-framed. Full blown financial plans can be a daunting yardstick to live up to. But break it in to its individual parts and it starts to look a lot more manageable. Start with one piece of the puzzle, and take it in small bites until you’re ready to move on to the next goal.

Your financial planner is like a personal trainer. They’re there to discuss your goals, identify your weak points, and build a plan to address those issues and help you reach the finish line. Along the way they keep you motivated, recommend adjustments and check in regularly to monitor progress. Most important of all, they hold you accountable.

If you’re ready to take charge of your finances don’t be afraid to contact A La Carte Financial and put yourself on the path to a stress-free relationship with money.

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