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Clear the Money Clutter

Alicia opened her wallet, credit cards splaying out like an accordion in a kaleidoscope of colors, one from each of the five financial institutions she deals with. The offers came in the mail and she figured why turn down free credit. Tucked underneath another fold lay a pair of debit cards; gateways to her online banking. She pulled up her bank’s website and stared down the list of bill payments. It must have been fifty items long. Alicia put her elbows on her desk and rubbed at her temples thinking ‘where the heck do I start?’

Does this sound like you? Are you struggling to keep the accounts you have spread out over the financial universe straight? Perhaps a credit card payment was missed because you forgot about that card you accidentally pulled out of your wallet for a $2 coffee one time.

Consolidating your financial accounts with one institution can pay big dividends for your mental health. It allows you to see everything you own and owe on one screen and avoid stressful nights at the dining room table with all your statements wondering if maybe you missed one.

Decluttering your finances is the first step towards building a financial plan; a roadmap of how you’ll improve your financial circumstances as you move through life’s stages. And bank’s give multi-product rebates for clients who typically maintain a bank account, a credit card and an investment account with them. Explore which institution will charge you the least to look after your finances. Not only will you save on monthly fees, you’re also less likely to get tripped up by late payment charges, overdraft fees, and other unnecessary expenses that come up simply because you’re spread too thin.

If this seems like an overwhelming objective, speak with me about ways to clear the money clutter. My familiarity with the myriad of products and services can help you feel confident you’re in control of your financial future.

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