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Sometimes, it's the little things

This weekend we had a whole bunch of snow and I was feeling like nesting around our home. Although we have some longer term plans for bigger projects, I created a list of projects we could do in the meantime to satisfy my nesting urges. A quick stop to a thrift shop and just like that, for under $50 I felt like my home was freshened up.

I find we are inundated with the idea that in order to spruce up our home we need to constantly be up to date with the latest colours, cabinets and fixtures, and those mean costly updates. However, don't underestimate a quick spruce up with some new throw pillows, a new centerpiece or storage solutions and how that can satisfy the need for bigger changes. There are loads of little projects you can do around the home to scratch that itch.

Create a list (I have a memo in my phone), in that list have 3 home spruce up categories:

1-Affordable right now (ex. under $100)

2-Have to plan a little (ex. up to $1,000)

3-Big renos like updating kitchen, bathroom, furniture, etc.

Having this list sets goals, having achievable short term goals makes waiting for the longer term goals a little less difficult.

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