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A Neat New Tool!

Is anyone else feeling cooped up? Are you trying to work from home and can't find your mojo? It's a struggle to keep focused in my home, add in a full house these days and it seems near impossible. So on the small doses of time I have been getting to work on my business, I have been discovering neat new tools!

Out of boredom but wanting to be somewhat productive, I started snooping around resources to help A la Carte grow and be more efficient. While wandering through Google apps offerings, apparently they offer 2 pretty slick looking budgeting worksheets, one is a monthly budget tracker and the other is an annual budget tracker. I gave both of them a try and feel like the annual tracker is easiest to use, I also liked how you can see your month over month income and expenses. On the other hand, the monthly one gets down to logging every single transaction, which some people could benefit from some good old transaction accountability.

If you're wandering aimlessly online, why not give this a try? Let me know what you think!

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