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Are you too Comfortable?

We all know this quote and we all know what it means, but have you tried it? If you have, then you know it's true.

When it comes to my business, which I love just so much and love what I do, I know that getting uncomfortable has always launched it further than I ever imagined. So, every time I'm in an umcomfy situation, I pep talk myself "this is good for the business". In my case though, I am my business, so I often get me and A la Carte Financial kind of blobbed into one entity.

Then recently I started getting this feeling that I couldn't put my finger on, a feeling that I needed to do something, but what? A couple of weeks ago it hit me like a ton of bricks, I'm stuck in a personal rut, I'm too comfortable. My son is now 8yrs old and way less demanding of my time, my workouts are the same, my food is the same, my wine is the same (IYKYK), everything is quite cushy.

Do you know what made me realize this? A friend of mine who's a travel agent sent her eblast out inviting 12 women to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with her, and I thought "I can do that, I NEED to do that". So I sent her a reply asking her if I'm crazy about being interested, and she replied right away encouraging me to consider it and let me know another friend was considering it too. Well, that was it for me, I was all-in, I sent my deposit and I will be doing the climb in Sept.2023.

Here are my uncomfortable thoughts and why I need this:

  1. I'll likely be about 10 days away from my family, I've never done this. But I know that this will be important for me to revisit who I am.

  2. I have Type 1 diabetes; I better talk to my doctors about what this climb will look like for me. But I need to break these boundaries with this darn disease and not let it limit me.

  3. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to pay for this trip. But this is a trip of a lifetime that will never come up again to climb with friends, I will find a way.

What do you think about doing something out of your boundaries to find growth? Or what have you done recently to step up your personal or professional growth? Do you believe this strategy works? As a personal financial planner, I am a huge believer in balance. I don't believe you need to live in scarcity because you feel you have to work towards one goal or another. Yes, you should be thinking about retirement. No, you shouldn't be racking up debt. But isn't there somewhere between doing those things and finding a way to enjoy today? Tomorrow is not guaranteed my friends, so please do something for you along the way.

Oh and stay tuned, I will be using this climb towards our WIshart Warriors JDRF fundraising efforts in 2023. Need a hand finding financial balance? I got you! Send me a note:


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