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Do you believe in financial balance?

I saw this post circulating around social media and it really hit me in all the feels. This is totally me, but the big difference is that I'm not stuck. We have a strategy in place in our household that has our savings plans running like well oiled machines to reach those long term goals, and our aspirational spending has a plan too.

As a financial planner, it's really hard to watch these 2 types of households:

1- A household that is working too hard and having no fun


2- A household that is spending too much on fun with no future plan

Balance can exist! But, in order to achieve balance, you have to sit down and not only lay eyes on your money, but have an understanding of what you want it do for you.If you don't do this, you will be stuck. Although the woman in this picture looks stuck in a pretty happy place.

Here are some tips to get cracking on creating financial balance:

1- Make sure your banking is streamlined and simplified, too many accounts can be too hard to navigate

2- Gain a solid understanding of your expenses, there is serious financial power in this!

3- Have some money set aside specifically for all of those incidentals that can seriously attack your wealth: think car repairs, vet bills, home repairs, etc.

If you've heard me say these things before, well it's because I will keep repeating them! These tips are incredibly powerful starting points on growing your net worth.

Need a hand with these strategies? We do that, contact us!


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