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Warning! The ending of this story has yet to be written

Does anyone else have something in flux because of the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty of what our lives will look like on the other side? Here's my story of the beloved yellow mini and the difficult decision between wants vs. needs.

Since I was a little girl, we always had a yellow mini, a 1978 Mini to be exact, and yes the Mr. Bean car. It was the cutest little car and I loved the smiles and waves we would get when we drove it around town, it's always held a place in my heart. Then when BMW took over Mini, I dreamed of one day owning one myself. In my 20's I took one for a spin but walked away because a car loan wasn't possible after being saddled in student debt. So, for my 40th birthday I bought one. We were in a position where we did need a second car and I thought this seemed like the right time to find my coveted yellow Mini. One day while driving, the 401 was closed down, I was re-routed to a super slow detour and what did I see while crawling along traffic? The One. It was just so meant to be, so I bought it. That little car is the most fun I've had in years driving, it makes me smile and everyone knows it's me so there's none of that awkward waving.

Well, then the pandemic hit and my husband is working from home, which means that we don't need a second car. So when the mechanic told me the costs of some of the repairs it required, I resigned and took it off the road. My poor little ray of sunshine has been sitting in the garage since last October and now I'm wondering if it'll ever see the light of day. My Dad asked if I needed help fixing it and getting it on the road, but I honestly see the car as a complete want at this point, the need is gone. We can't decide what to do with it since the back to work situation is still very much in limbo, and living on one car has been fine. Even if my husband went back 2 days/week, we really don't need the car. Ok, one car is a tad inconvenient but does the inconvenience outweigh the costs? Not yet anyways.

I like to bring this up because I can think of numerous occasions that we made financial decisions using the current information provided, and then 5years down the road looking back and wondering what we were thinking, and how we didn't have the foresight to see the changes. This particular situation is a perfect example of just not being able to have the foresight and really needing to just sit tight and not make those huge decisions until all of the information is available.

As for now, we sit in limbo and I gaze longingly at my peppy little happiness sitting in the garage as I reach for my bicycle. Like the title mentions, this story's ending isn't written yet but I wanted to share what was happening in hopes that perhaps someone can relate to this on some level? Does the wants vs. need resonate with you?


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