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About Us

A La Carte Financial was founded on a simple question: why do everyday people in need of quality financial advice have such limited options available to them?


The existing model charges fees based on a percentage of your financial assets or a commission based sale. Without an already sizable base in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, clients are often stuck with expensive, complex products, biased financial advice, or both. Yet unlike the ultra high net worth client, the margin for error for the everyday household is much narrower.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with someone who sits on your side of the table and wants what you want; freedom from the stress and worry of money by tackling it in bite sized pieces.

With A La Carte Financial you are working with an advisor with heart that is not commission based, who finds real-life money solutions for you and your family. 

About Sunny Wishart, CFP®

Sunny is the president and founder of A la Carte Financial. Early in her career, before entering the financial industry, Sunny was a classically trained pianist and music teacher for several years.


Teaching and mentorship became foundational in her approach to helping clients because like music, the fundamentals of finance aren’t as easy as they appear. They take practice, guidance and understanding from an attentive teacher and coach. 

As a fee based financial planner she prioritizes unbiased, objective financial advice and holds honesty and integrity as a defining value.

Her background spans time working with clients from all walks of life and financial circumstances. She began her financial career in Halifax with Mitsubishi Motors and then as a customer representative with Wells Fargo Financial before moving to personal banking with Scotiabank.

From there she was the business manager for a financial advisory practice at Sunlife Financial. At the same time, she earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, completing the program in 2013. As a CFP® practitioner she transferred to RBC Dominion Securities and prepared financial plans for the bank’s high net worth clients. 

She earned her bachelor's degree in music from Carleton University. In her spare time Sunny is a great lover of animals and a good glass of red wine. She lives in Toronto with her family.

Sunny Wishart
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