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I Can't Afford to Eat Healthy

I get it, we all want to be healthy! We want the best for our families, including putting wholesome food on the table free from pesticides, antibiotics, GMO's, or the million other things out there that will reduce our quality of life. However, their still seems to be a hefty price tag for healthier options, likely because all the people who source and deliver your organic basket need to get paid. There is a premium to ethically pay people for humanely raising animals, or protecting your fruits and veg from bugs.

But how do you afford it? Well, it comes down to understanding your primary concerns and prioritizing them. For me personally, I like meat, but I like to know that the chickens are living their best lives, or that the little piggy had a good life before I had him for breakfast. There's a price tag for that kind of service, so we've reduced our meat consumption so that our budget can still afford happy chickens.

Perhaps organic produce is your non-negotiable so prioritize that on your grocery list. That may mean you have to buy cheapy coconut oil instead of organic extra-virgin coconut oil, but your budget may require compromise.

Create your healthy must-have's list, then put them in order of priority. Next time you're out shopping, start from the top of your priority list to make sure you've got what you need there, then make compromises as need be as you work down the list.

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