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Let's Clean your Money Clutter

As a business who provides services as opposed to a product, it can sometimes be difficult to convey why you should work with A la Carte Financial. I was asked today to write something that descirbes one of my most popular services, Clean the Money Clutter. I would love to say that it's a group program that you can all join and I can send you home with homework and worksheets, but nope. The biggest thing that I've learned from my 18yrs in finance is that no two households are alike. This service is customized to your unique income, expenses, goals and lifestage.

Who is Clean the Money Clutter right for? Well, this is a 3 month program where we deep dive into every single aspect of getting your finances tidied up, optmizing savings, and implementing strategies that can save you buckets of money over the years. If you are uncertain of where your money is going and what it is doing for you, this program is for you. We don't move forward with more formal financial planning projections unless you have at least an estimate of where your money is and how it's working for you. I like to call this the foundational work towards your financial health, and once you have that all sorted we can then talk about long term planning.

Let's talk about the Clean the Money Clutter process.

Step#1: We chat about your financial goals and concerns and determine if this program is right for you.

Step#2: Once we're ready to move forward, I will collect every single financial statement from you, everything from your chequing account to even your wills if necessary.

Step#3: We meet to review the data and confirm numbers and goals.

Step#4: Once all the data is collected, I get cracking on your Month#1 plan! As a certified financial planner and with many years of banking experience, I will scrutinize for gaps and strategies to optimize and save you money or protect your hard earned assets. We have our Month#1 meeting where the strategies are presented and discussed how they're to be implemented. This could be anything from reorganizing your bank accounts, switching credit cards, updating beneficiaries, it could be anything! Bottom line, this is where we declutter your money so you can begin seeing the path forward.

Step#5: You take away your personalized homework and we ideally meet in a month. However this step can take a bit longer than that, and that's ok! I am right there with you making sure things are moving along.

Step#6: Once the foundation is implemented, we move forward with our Month#2 meeting, the strategies here could include; formally implementing a budget,starting up savings programs, analyzing asset allocations and work pension strategies, etc. You can already see how this is not a cookie cutter plan?

Step#7: Our final Month#3 meeting where we tidy up any loose ends and you are provided with an ongoing worksheet with your personal finances inputted.

Overall the process takes 4-6 months with the average household and the benefits are incredible. So many families actually have more money than they think and just need to tidy up the financial clutter to see the wealth!

A la Carte Financial is incredibly passionate about financial literacy at every stage in life, please check out "Money with Sunny" hosted by Divorce Thrive on YouTube:


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