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What's your dream reno?

One of the general conversations I'm hearing is that we are eager to turn our homes into an all-in-one hot spot: the office, school, recreation center, do it all house! Backyard oasis are being built, pools are sold out, and kitchens are being remodeled. We are spending so much more time in our home than ever, it feels like what better time than now, right?!

At A la Carte Financial we believe in balance. We believe that your quality of life/lifestyle is important and that you shouldn't forgo living in the moment and enjoy your life today as much as possible. So if putting in a pool is going to revolutionize your family dynamic, then do it! Just do me one small favour, don't go 'all in' too quickly. Be thoughtful, be smart and make a clear plan to put the reno in place. First, sit down and think about where the money will come from, it doesn't have to be to the penny but do be thoughtful about the expense and your future.

We reached out to super pro Kaeleigh Nadeau of KSN Pro Design about how to get started:

"One of the biggest concerns when planning a renovation is finding quality, reliable and reputable trades. You are trusting them with your home after all! Here are our 3 tips to finding the royalty in the world of trades: 1️⃣ Talk to everyone you know. Lots of people you know and trust have been through a renovation. Find out who they would recommend. 2️⃣ Interview several contractors for the same job. We suggest 3. Kind of like Goldilocks and the three 🐻 Trust your instincts. Go with the person you connected with and trusted in their professionalism. Price isn’t everything. 3️⃣ Ask to speak with a previous client that had a similar project done. If possible, visit their finished reno. Ask questions about the process, timing and accuracy of the budget. This will tell you a lot about who you should work with."

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