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The Epic Journey

How do I even put this journey into words? I'm really still working on that. But look at this amazing picture! This is my friend Lisa and I after climbing 11hrs straight from 130am to just after 12pm to reach the summit, oh and it this was on my 44th birthday. In this picture we're wearing 5 layers on the bottom and 6 layers on top, when you're this high up, the low oxygen makes you colder then you can imagine.

I find I've spent alot of time trying to convey how much of a challenge I found this climb, I think because if I would have known how challenging it would be before we left, I likely would've chickened out. My physical and mental limits were tested every step of the way, and I could not have done it without Lisa by my side every day with her amazing pep talks. It really does come down to having the proper support, otherwise my success of summitting would have been on the line.

To put it into context, we were an amazing group of 24 women, and it took a G-Adventures team of 90 people to support us on the climb, we had guides, porters, ceo's, chefs, servers, and so on. This team did everything in their power to help us do this climb, they treated us like queens! There was such a juxtaposition between grueling and challenging terrain all day, and then 5 star hot meals with your own personal porter to help you with anything you need.

Now, I'm still digesting all the life lessons learned on this epic journey, but stay tuned as I unpack this life changing trip and share my key take aways.

Ya we celebrated!

There was dancing, cake and amazing songs!


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